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Showing Up For Myself: New Moon In Virgo


Hold on to your knickers because we are only 24 hours or less from the much awaited New Moon in Virgo (Sept 14 at 9:40 pm EST), and almost done Mercury retrograde on September 15th. A positive shift for us as we move past some harsh retrograde energy, and a time for fresh beginnings, practical planning, and much needed relaxation.

Tomorrow's New Moon in Virgo awakens our hunger to achieve measurable results on our soul’s path using this earth sign's strategies like precision, and daily dedication to our chosen goals. Is there an area in your life that could benefit from that Virgoan eye for detail? Are you ready to take up the challenge to improve? This would be a great time to feel into an intention or several changes you want to make in your life, especially as it relates to your physical, spiritual, or mental well-being.

A common thread woven through this New Moon is a quality of healing. We are called to examine the practical impact of self-awareness and openness both on our choices and on others in our lives. Taking a moment to breathe and collect ourselves after a potentially frustrating time for many is key to enjoying this “clean slate” moment.

And because Virgo rules physical health and 6th house in astrology, this is a great time to establish healthier lifestyle habits, wish for it under the Virgo New Moon. - If you overanalyze things, leaving you uncertain and confused about making final decisions on just about anything, you can wish to have these traits easily lifted from you. Since Virgo rules excessive perfectionism, you can wish to release self-defeating traits and create space for less worry, self-criticism or criticism of others, and workaholic tendencies.

Journaling is a great way to honor this time, anything related to writing, communication, short trips, and connecting with nature. Virgo is ruled by Mercury, and as such earth and communication pair beautifully as you navigate through the celestial waves of the moon.


This lunation is a reflective time in which you are being called to look back in order to evolve and grow. Mending the past and understanding your role in old situations will give you the opportunity to finally start moving forward – but ONLY when you are ready to.

Don’t forget who you truly are, how magical you are and how precious it is to be alive right now. When you are consciously calling in all you deserve tomorrow during the New Moon and all through the rest of the month, ask yourself how much are you willing to give up to be the real YOU? Know you are in control, put energy into investing in yourself, your home, and your space. Make it a space to honor yourself and those around you. Remember that darkness has no real existence, it is just the absence of light - do not give it power!


Here is how to do a simple New Moon tarot spread:

  • Cleanse your space (and yourself) of unwanted energy. You can do this with sage, palo santo, clapping your hands, diffusing some essential oils, or simply visualizing a purified white circle around you.

  • Select a deck that resonates with you, (let your intuition guide you, that first gut feeling). Any deck is perfect (tarot or oracle), don’t overthink it. If you have a cloth or even a bandana will work, lay it on the floor, table, or anywhere you feel guided to and lay your cards on top.

  • As you shuffle your deck, think about what you’re grateful for and your intentions for this new moon cycle.


Step bravely into the celestial magic of this astrological time, and allow yourself to open up to the current waves of change flowing through your life.

May this New Moon in Virgo be a time where you rediscover yourself and do the healing your soul craves. The more you show up for yourself, the more the universe will show up to help you as you pass through this beautiful journey of life.

Remember that life doesn't demand perfection. It doesn't require you to be contanstly fearless, confident or self-assured. It simply requires that you keep showing up.

Always with much love and warmth from my heart center to yours,



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