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A Journey Through the Shadows of the Total Solar Eclipse in Aries.

Just a day before the eagerly anticipated Total Solar Eclipse on April 8, 2024, which is set to unfold in the assertive sign of Aries, the media buzzes with excitement and speculation. Doomsday predictions, interpretations of biblical prophecies, and a myriad of other theories flood the news and social media feeds, creating a captivating spectacle. Amidst this swirl of opinions and beliefs, it becomes clear that there's no definitive right or wrong stance. Instead, this post aims to share astrological insights that shed light on the profound impact eclipses have on our lives.


Eclipses are not random. They take place in overlapping patterns called Saros (“the repetition”). Every 18 years, 11 days and eight hours the Sun, Moon and Earth align in almost the same way, causing a very similar solar eclipse. So on April 20, 2042 the same alignment that causes this April 8, 2024 total solar eclipse will bring a Moon shadow of very similar dimensions to Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines. Both eclipses are part of Saros 139.


As noted in my previous blog post, a Lunar eclipse graced the skies on March 25, 2024, taking place in the balanced sign of Libra. Eclipses occur in pairs, and following this Lunar phenomenon, the natural sequence brings forth a solar eclipse in the opposite sign—Aries. Aries, the first sign of the zodiac, symbolizes the essence of selfhood and initiation. This cosmic event prompts introspection, urging us to examine our identities, roles in the world, and connections within relationships. Delving into our inner selves, we seek answers to profound existential questions, ultimately stirring a call to action. Governed by Mars, the fiery planet of action and assertion, Aries fuels our drive for change, pushing us to take bold leaps forward.


Tomorrow's eclipse is not just a solitary event; it is intricately intertwined with a multitude of planetary and cosmic transits, each adding layers of complexity to the celestial spectacle. For those with a curious disposition, like myself, the abundance of astrological phenomena presents an endless wellspring of exploration. Notably, there exists a stellium of planets encircling the luminaries in the bold sign of Aries. Additionally, the enigmatic comet 12P/Pons-Brooks, also known as the Devil's Comet, embarks on its cyclical journey around the Sun, a phenomenon occurring roughly every 71 years. These cosmic alignments raise intriguing questions about their collective impact on our generation.


Our collective journey has led us to confront and shed outdated patterns and habits that hinder our growth. We've outgrown stagnant lifestyles that fail to nourish our souls, feeling a discord within ourselves that manifests in various health issues. While external factors undoubtedly play a role, there's a deeper emotional and mental unrest urging us to reassess our way of life. Eclipses act as catalysts, propelling us out of stagnation and onto a path of continued growth and transformation.


In astrology, a total solar eclipse signifies a profound breakthrough, often sparking rapid personal growth. These celestial events have the power to initiate significant changes, such as the inception of new relationships, careers, or lifestyles—particularly in areas where emotional stagnation prevails. They serve as wake-up calls, compelling us to align our physical existence with the journey of our souls, liberating us from fear-based patterns.


Eclipses, with their historical significance tied to momentous events, remain potent agents of change. The impending solar eclipse, positioned in the fiery sign of Aries, carries a potent message resonating far beyond its immediate occurrence. It heralds new beginnings and opportunities, marking the start of a transformative journey for us all.


Eclipses symbolize a shift in cosmic frequencies, akin to changing radio stations. Embrace the unfamiliarity of this transition, welcoming new experiences and growth opportunities.

While certain zodiac signs may experience the effects more strongly, planetary transits and eclipses impact us all, regardless of our Sun or Ascendant signs. This is because during an eclipse, the luminaries—the Sun and Moon—are in close conjunction, intensifying their energy and influencing any areas they touch in our charts. To delve deeper into which areas of your life require attention, below is a brief overview of the zodiac houses where you can expect unique transformations, prompting you to embrace change.


I strongly recommend reading the interpretations for both your Sun sign and your Ascendant sign provided below. If you're unsure of your Ascendant sign, you can easily generate your birth chart online for free and locate the sign on the cusp of the 1st house, typically on the left side of the chart. The sign ascending on the eastern horizon at the time of your birth represents your rising or ascendant sign. It speaks to the image you project to the world—often referred to as the mask you wear—and provides insights into your skills, talents, and strategies for navigating life.


Aries Sun/Aries Ascendant: This eclipse will fall in your 1st house. This heralds the dawn of a fresh life chapter, as the seeds planted during this period blossom into profound growth and change. This is YOU time Aries! It is about you, yourself, and what matters to move you into the path you are meant to travel.


Taurus Sun/Taurus Ascendant: This eclipse will fall in your 12th house. A time for an awakening of your inner strength and intuition, breaking free from outdated habits and constraints that hinder your progress. I cannot yell it loud enough Taurus, go inward and really “listen” to your gut and those inner messages you have ignored for far too long. Let go and rise up!


Gemini Sun/Gemini Ascendant: Your 11th house will be activated during this eclipse. A perfect time for your to forge connections with your community and pursue your dreams with unwavering confidence, as new opportunities align perfectly with your unique journey. This is a time for you to start putting into action all those plans you have made written on paper until today and make them happen. This is GO time Gemini!


Cancer Sun/Cancer Ascendant: This eclipse falls on your 10th house. Gear up for significant advancements in your career or transitions into new professional paths, signaling a pivotal leap forward in your life's work. You may find yourself completely changing your path in your life’s work and purpose. Despite how crazy it may seem, that highly intuitive gift you have, this is a time to pay attention to it and run with it like your soul was on fire, literally!!


Leo Sun/Leo Ascendant: This eclipse will be visiting your 9th house. Roar and fearlessly broadcast your truth to the world through all the avenues you possibly can sweet Lion. This is a time and year of expansive self-expression and heightened visibility. Shine your light as bright as it is and don’t hold back, take that center stage and rock it!


Virgo Sun/Virgo Ascendant: The 8th house will be impacted for you by this eclipse. Invest your time and energy wisely in endeavors that truly matter to you, knowing that your efforts now will yield abundant fruits in the year ahead. This is a call for you to make a hard stop and take a really good look at what you have been doing for far too long and to break free from it all. If you want to see positive changes, let go of expectations and start taking steps to carve the path to your own destiny! In other words, stop feeling like you are a victim because you are not, take your power back and believe in your bad-ass self!


Libra Sun/Libra Ascendant: This eclipse will be in your 7th house. Reimagine your relationships and partnerships, whether by reassessing existing connections or embracing new ones that resonate deeply with your growth and evolution. This is BIG for you Libra!! You are being urged to listen to the signs, those Universal sudden nudges you tend to dismiss. This is about being selfish with what it is that YOU want and what sits and sets well with your heart despite others. This is not about keeping the peace like you tend to default to, but about balancing your inner peace and true calling!


Scorpio Sun/Scorpio Ascendant: Your 6th house will be impacted by this eclipse. A time for you to prioritize your physical and mental well-being as well as your dedication to your goals, aligning yourself with a holistic approach to success and fulfillment. You are now at a crossroad where you have to choose whether you keep going and going until you burnout, or you take time to nourish yourself which is long due. Duty calls is not the theme anymore dear Scorpio, your duty now is to love and care for YOU!


Sagittarius Sun/Sagittarius Ascendant: This eclipse will fall in your 5th house. Open your heart to deeper connections and cultivate trust in your relationships, seizing opportunities for meaningful connections. Be playful, explore those things that make you happy, surround yourself with those people and things that bring out the inner child in you and follow the road into the land of Oz!


Capricorn Sun/Capricorn Ascendant: For you is all about the 4th house. Embrace a broader perspective and expand your horizons. Think in terms of what it means to feel at home for you. What makes you feel safe and secure? That is where you are being asked to grow, create a solid foundation, and witness the magical transformations happen both professionally and personally.


Aquarius Sun/Aquarius Ascendant: This eclipse hits your 3rd house. Engage in open and honest communication and review your commitments. This is about speaking your truth, speak from your heart, and realign yourself with what you aspire to achieve and re-align your values. This may also be a time for you to have a heart-heart convo with yourself, dig deep and you will know what is ready to re-surface into the light where you’ve kept it hidden.


Pisces Sun/Pisces Ascendant: Your 2nd house is being impacted by this eclipse. Time to share your talents and gifts with the world, whether through creative pursuits or career shifts, stepping boldly into your potential and purpose. Your go to is always to retreat into your subconscious world Pisces, but this time you are being pushed out of this comfort space you tend to find yourself and you are being urged to let it all out! Sprinkle all your magical fairy dust, we can all use more of it.


As I come to the end of this post, I wanted to share a gentle reminder to be kind to yourself and others. The unknown can evoke a mix of emotions—daunting yet exhilarating—beckoning us to step into uncharted territory with open hearts and minds. As change remains the only constant in life, tomorrow’s eclipse serves as a poignant reminder of this universal truth. Rather than fearing change, let’s embrace it as an integral aspect of our evolutionary journey.

May you rise from the shadows of this eclipse with more love and hope than ever before.

Sandy, xo!


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