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Your Cosmic Sky Tonight!


"Far from feeling dwarfed by the vast reaches and energy of the cosmos, what we really learn is that we are the most remarkable and most complicated product of cosmic evolution, and our potential is unlimited."

~Sandra Faber

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Complimentary Distant Reiki Healing Request

If you, someone you know, or your pets are in need of receiving distant Reiki, I would love to add you to my distant Reiki healing list. 

I will send distant Reiki to those in need every day for 7 days. At the end of the 7 days, if you would like to be added to the list again, you are welcome to submit a new request. 

If you feel called to share the results of your healing, or other experiences, I would love to hear about it; you can share them by writing me HERE.

** If you are requesting for more than one person or pet, please submit a separate request for each one individually.**


  • I understand that in no way does this request imply or guarantee any outcome.

  • I agree that anyone other than myself I am requesting Reiki healing for, has provided verbal or implied consent to receiving Reiki healing.

Your Reiki Healing Request Has Been Received!

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