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Reiki Training and Certifications

If you've ever felt an inner calling to Reiki, even without knowing much about it, this is your sign that you ready to explore a journey of empowerment, healing, and self-discovery. This calling is guided by both your higher self and the universal intelligence, providing an opportunity to come home to yourself and engage in a transformative exploration of healing and growth.


I have had the privilege of teaching Reiki since 2017. The material I share transcends specific schools or lineages, I incorporate insights from outstanding Reiki teachers, collaboration with colleagues worldwide, personal research, and hands-on sessions with clients facing varied conditions. 

My teaching philosophy revolves around offering you a comprehensive understanding of Reiki's history, techniques, and practice, encouraging the highest level of competence. I share all that I've learned and actively support each student's unique Reiki journey through ongoing mentoring. Embracing questions and insights is vital, as Reiki tailors its teachings to each practitioner's best way of working with energy, a journey that is, to some degree, unique for everyone. Remaining open to it allows Reiki to be a lifelong teacher, continually developing our skills throughout our lives.

*The classes below are currently being offered as 1-on-1 courses, although I occasionally offer a small-group online classes. Please reach out if you would like to take a Reiki training with a partner or in a small group, or check out the "Courses + Events" page for any upcoming scheduled.*

Overview of Each Reiki Class

Reiki Level I:

In his immersion class, you align with Reiki energy's frequency, opening physical energy channels. This empowers you to channel universal life force energy, creating a transformative tool for personal growth and healing. With this attunement, you gain the ability to heal yourself and extend healing energy to others.

Reiki Level II:

This class deepens your Reiki healing practice by delving into the spiritual beliefs that support the Usui Reiki system. Part of this deepening includes learning about and practicing Distance Reiki healing, intuitive tuning, and the transformative power of healing past and present events. In this class you will receive the second of three Reiki attunements, providing you with the qualifications to work with clients both in-person and online as a certified Reiki practitioner.

Reiki Level III/Master Training:

In my view, one who is deeply committed never truly “masters” Reiki. This class is simply another step in a lifelong journey of personal healing and transformation, deepening compassion for self and others, honing the craft of Reiki through learning additional skills and hands-on practice, and striving to embrace Reiki principles in daily living.


Whether your aim is to teach Reiki professionally or enhance your healing abilities, this course facilitates your evolution in Reiki development. You'll gain the knowledge to teach and certify students in Reiki Level 1, Reiki Level 2, and Reiki Master level, both in-person and online.


Beyond acquiring advanced tools and energy techniques for improved Reiki treatments, you'll also discover strategies for building a successful healing business, hosting Reiki circles and shares. The course provides valuable resources, including teaching materials, marketing tools, and insights into integrative healing sessions.

Prerequisite: Successful completion of training in both Level I & II from any Reiki lineage is essential. If you have not met this requirement, you can explore my Level I & II Certification option under "Courses + Events." 


Class Offerings

Classes are offered as a one on one personalized training, or in a small group setting to allow for plenty of individualized attention.

Virtual Live Classes: These classes will be offered fully online through live zoom instruction. Classes will be offered in a small group setting. *For upcoming dates and times, check out the "Courses + Events" page.*

In-Person/Hybrid Classes: Beginning February 2024, I will have limited spots for in-person and hybrid training offered on weekends and weekday evenings.  To discuss schedule your next class, please email me at

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