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Shall We Dance?: Sagittarius New Moon and the Whimsy of Mercury's Retrograde Waltz!


Are you ready to kick off the ultimate celestial celebration? Well, dust off those boogie shoes because the cosmic dance floor is calling, and it's your time to shine. Tomorrow, under the spell of the New Moon at 20 degrees of Sagittarius, we're in for a magical last cosmic dance of the year. This New Moon isn't just any lunar event—it's a burst of awakening, dynamism, creativity, and self-enrichment.

In a world that often favors the logical mind, a shift is happening. We're being encouraged to embrace our intuition and spirituality, to trust that inner knowing that guides us. So, let's proudly fly our spirituality freak flag high! 🚀✨

Ever notice that everything around us was once a wild idea before it became real? What about your dreams? Have they been hiding away, stashed in the closet due to fear or the notion that they're too far-fetched? Well, today is the day to set them free! Grab a pen, jot them down—let them be wild and expansive. It's not about the how or when; it's about that inner truth nudging you to bring them to life.

Picture it: Living a life overflowing with bliss, peace, purpose, and fulfillment—that's your VISION!

Grab your journal and start listing those dreams across all areas of your life—personal, money, communication, home, family, passions, romance, daily life, relationships, sexuality, travel, spirituality, how you show up in the world, career, friendships, creativity. Close your eyes, hold that vision, and imagine living it. This is how you can tap into the New Moon energy of Sagittarius, with Jupiter (the planet of luck) on your side. It's the essence of manifesting, and it's more potent than you think.

Okay, let's get real about your vibes! What kind of energy are you bringing into your life? Are you thankful or quick to judge? Is everything a bit all over the place, or are you grounded, in some way believing things will fall into place with time? Our vibes are like the architects of our cosmic world, let's be mindful and steer them where we want them to go. When we're making wishes for the new year, let's be intentional and aware of the energy we're putting out there.


And now, for the grand finale! 🎉 --- Drumroll, please… the last Mercury retrograde of the year is about to take its final spin on the 2023 dance floor, kicking off beneath the Capricorn Sun on December 12th. After a graceful flip, it heads back to Sagittarius, where it'll linger until its direct turn on January 2nd, welcoming the New Year with us.

This cosmic rewind isn't a setback; it's an invitation to reassess our paths in 2024 and redefine our goals. Remember those dreams you set with the New Moon in Sagittarius? Now's the time to triple-check that vision list and ensure you know what you want to bring into 2024. Guided by Mercury, (the cosmic Messenger), channel your energy toward what uplifts and inspires you, steering away from commitments that no longer align with your long-term growth.

As Mercury engages in its cosmic dance, it's whispering messages of subtle, significant turns of events that will shape your life in the long run. Dive into the flow of this cosmic dance, surrender to the rhythm, align with your highest intentions, embrace flexibility, and release attachments to every meticulous detail and expectation.

May you glide through the dance floor 'a la style" of Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers, and remember, that life is a magical dance with the stars, and the universe is your partner.

So, keep those cosmic moves going, stay attuned to the rhythm of your heart, and dance into 2024 with unparalleled grace and intention.

Here's to manifesting dreams, riding the waves of the cosmic dance, and embracing the magic within. May your journey be filled with stardust and wonder!




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