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Reclaim and reframe 

your past and present stories!

Curious about the deeper meaning in life? Exhausted from the endless struggles? Believe it or not, you hold the power deep inside to turn things around and heal for good. 


Together, let's unearth the root causes and delve into the core issues holding you back. Though a blend of therapeutic modalities, I'll help you overcome inner blocks and move beyond the feeling of being stuck. 

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Hello, I'm Sandy


I have personally witnessed and experienced the profound inner strength residing within each of us, capable of brining an end to lifelong struggles, breaking disruptive generational patterns, and making it possible to recover from both physical and emotional pain. 

You hold an extraordinary power within yourself.

My mission and passion are to create a safe space for you to unlock your inner strength, let go of past narratives, release stored emotions, and enable you to lead a profoundly fulfilling life. 

Two words: absolutely amazing! I absolutely adore Sandy! I have tried my own personal guided hypnotherapy sessions, the kinds you find on YouTube and they have never taken me beyond the superficial. I have only had a few sessions with Sandy so far and already, they have helped me beyond measure. I have struggled with a ‘fear of failure’ and a ‘fear of change’ and having her relaxing and calming voice as well as her intuitive guidance has helped me find the root cause of my fears. I would 100% recommend booking a session with Sandy!

Jules N., from NC

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