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Exploring the Healing Power of Reiki

How Reiki Works

Reiki or “universal life energy” is a form of energy healing that dates back thousands of years, with the most popular form of the practice created in Japan in the early 20th century. Reiki focuses on improving energy flow through the body, similar to acupuncture, but without the needles. Reiki helps improve relaxation and reduces stress, facilitating the body’s natural healing response. 

Reiki treats the body, mind and spirit. It can assist with overall well-being and improve symptoms related to anxiety, stress, grief, chronic pain, infertility, insomnia, PTSD, injury or recovery from surgery, depression, and even cancer and heart disease. 

While Reiki is not a substitute for medical treatment, it can be an essential and valuable complement to traditional therapeutic interventions. Many hospitals and medical centers are experiencing great success using Reiki healing in addition to other treatments.


“Reiki is love, Love is wholeness, Wholeness is balance, Balance is well being, Well being is freedom from disease.”

~ Madam Hawayo Takata

Restoring Your Energy

Life's a fascinating mix of complexities, and as humans, we're these intricate beings capable of incredible things. I genuinely believe that our bodies have an innate ability that helps it heal naturally.


But let's be real, as much as we try to live a well-balanced lifestyle, there are always those unexpected instances that we can’t predict or control.


Our body is always exposed to stressors, physical pain, illnesses, and so many other triggers that create energy blockages and imbalances.


Without the proper energy healing, our natural ability to heal is limited putting us at a higher risk of suffering physical, mental, and emotional dis-eases. 

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Reiki includes well-known benefits such as:
  • Nervous system relaxation shift.

  • Boosts healing and immunity.

  • Improves sleep, digestion, and reduces pain.

  • Supports during chronic conditions, especially chemotherapy.

  • Enhances balance, grounding, and centeredness.

  • Eases anxiety, anger, and emotional distress

  • Releases trauma.

  • Fosters clarity, joy, and confidence.

  • Nurtures a profound connection and a more meaningful life.

Preparing for your first
Reiki Session

Before your session be sure you feel confident that you know everything you need to know about reiki healing. It is ok to have a lot of questions. Your reiki practitioner should be able to answer all or most of your questions. 

It is important that you feel comfortable with your reiki practitioner. Your relationship should be built on respect, safety and trust. 

Energy Healing
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