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Tips for having the best Reiki Session Experience

How can you make the most of your Reiki session and maximize your results? Whether you are receiving Reiki in-person or remotely, I have some tips to share to get the most out of your healing experience, before, during and after your session. Prior to becoming a Reiki Master Teacher, I had received Reiki from a few different practitioners. Experiencing Reiki is very personal, and just like any other service you pay for and receive, it is important you invest in yourself to take time to discover a right fit connection with a Reiki practitioner you are considering. Your engagement and intention will help you discover who feels best, and benefit your Reiki healing long after your session as well.





No matter if you consider yourself an experienced Reiki person or not, anytime you are considering Reiki with a new practitioner, I encourage you to take time to learn more about the Reiki practitioner you are thinking about having a session with. Even if it is a referral from someone you trust, still do your own due diligence by checking out the practitioner’s website to learn about their approach to Reiki and their journey as a practitioner. Does their ‘about’ page include information about their training, approach or style of Reiki? Many practitioners offer some preliminary forms for you to fill out in advance of the session and this often is provided on the website too. 

Many practitioners offer some preliminary forms for you to fill out in advance of the session and this often is provided on the website too. They may also offer a code of ethics. - For our Code of Ethics, click HERE.

Do you understand how their sessions will flow and what they incorporate or not during the session? Do they speak during the session, and is it important that you speak with your practitioner during the session or do you prefer quiet? How does the practitioner ensure your feeling of comfort and safety? This is especially important if this is your first time experiencing Reiki, that you feel safe, supported and able to drink in every bit of the session experience. If this information is not available on a website, reach out to the practitioner by phone. 

In my personal experience of receiving Reiki from different practitioners before becoming a Reiki Master Teacher myself, it is not the length of time a practitioner has practiced Reiki necessarily nor if they are a “high profile” practitioner (i.e. one that has a big social media presence or has written books or offers online courses) that will mean you will have a positive Reiki experience. I highly encourage you to speak with the Reiki practitioner before you walk into your session with them. Most practitioners would welcome a phone or video call consultation in advance to answer any questions you may have. 


As you speak with the practitioner, tune into how you are feeling when you hear their voice. Do you feel supported and welcomed? Is the practitioner demonstrating how they provide a safe and supportive Reiki experience? Or do you feel disempowered or shut down with the questions you are asking? I am not suggesting that there are Reiki practitioners out there setting out to disempower you or anyone, however everyone’s communication style and feeling of connection is unique and personal. As you are communicating together, do you feel comfortable and understood in what you are sharing and asking? Or, do you feel there is a disconnect in understanding each other? If you feel uncertain, if you find yourself questioning the integrity of the practitioner or feel confused about Reiki or how the practitioner offers Reiki sessions, I suggest you keep looking. Trust that you will know when you feel the right fit, follow your gut feeling and don’t settle for anything less than this. 

During the phone or video call, ask your practitioner about the session flow or what to expect. Most practitioners offer you can choose between an In-Person or Distance Remote Reiki session. If it’s a Remote Distance Reiki session, how will you be communicating with each other before, during and after the session? If it’s an in-person session, will you be shown what will be used in the session? Does the practitioner share where can you expect their hands to be during an In-Person Reiki session in terms of placement on the body? Are their hands above or on your body and what does that pressure feel like? 

For sure, questions may come up during the session and do you feel welcomed to ask questions during the session if they do? To what extent does the Reiki practitioner invite conversation before, during and after your session in terms of exploring your experience? Assess for yourself to the extent this dialoging is important for you. Some practitioners are more communicative than others, and if you feel that processing your session is something that is important, raise this in your consultation with your practitioner to get a sense of their approach. Some may encourage a follow-up conversation, email or text some period of time after your session. Some may not follow-up at all. Ask yourself what would feel most supportive for your experience and ask the practitioner what they provide for their new and existing clients.

You may be feeling anxious, nervous, excited and anticipating what the session will be like when you are there. This is all perfectly normal especially if it is your first Reiki session. Take time to feel it all and provide yourself – and ask for – what you need to ease into and feel supported at the session. Be prepared to share this at your session with your practitioner. You can maximize your Reiki experience, as well as save yourself some time and money by assessing all these things in advance.



Schedule your appointment at a time when you won’t feel rushed upon arrival or leaving. Some sessions can go over the scheduled session time. I suggest adding a minimum of 30 minutes buffer time just in case for this reason. 


Another reason for being thoughtful about when you schedule Reiki is that after your Reiki session, you may wish to have the option to have some downtime, treat yourself to a nice meal, a walk in the park, or have some quietude for reflection rather than leaping into an exercise class, running errands or attending an important business meeting. Everyone is different. Just think about how you’d like the rest of your day or evening to look after Reiki and prioritize your time accordingly. If you don’t prioritize this time for you, no one else will and you are worth it to feel good!

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