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Intuitive Modalities

Intuitive Modalities 

What led you to explore learning and working with these modalities?


I've always had a witchy side since I was younger. Anything mystical, Moon & Stars related caught my attention and had me cosmic dreaming for hours.  Not much has changed since then besides the fact "many years later" I finally decided to hop on my broom and took off on an adventure into exploring more on holistic, and intuitively energy modalities. Some things were not working or making sense on the human level for me, so I turned to spiritual healing. I'm passionate in what I do, and each day I receive more validation that we really are, "Spiritual beings having a human experience." 


May the experience of these intuitive gifts we share together remind you of "why you are here, as a soul", and may they empower you in manifesting your

purpose in the world with confidence, bliss, & intention. 


In preparation for your intuitive modality sessions, I create a safe, open, peaceful space of no-judgment. No matter the issue, I am here to support you for your highest and greatest purpose! - Everything that is shared during your experience is completely confidential. I also encourage you ready my code of ethics prior to booking any services. 

To schedule and book any of the services below you can contact me via emailor schedule a complimentary initial consultation using the link below. ** Please note due to my other professional obligations, sessions must be scheduled in advance and at an agreed schedule time and date. 

  • GROUP READINGS: A super fun and great way to share with friends! Contact us for details and special pricing. 

  • FOR ADDITIONAL QUESTIONS:  Please visit our FAQ's  section above, or schedule a complimentary consultation.  





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Intuitive Card
30 mins. / $25
60 mins. / $50

1:1 Intuitive reading using a variety of tools such as Tarot, Lenormand, Oracle decks, intuitive messages, and energy attunements. 


  • 30 mins. Reading: This session is perfect for 1-3 direct questions or a touch of guidance from your spiritual team. 

  • 60 mins. Reading: This experience allows in-depth exploration of current life circumstances, future possibilities, and specific messages from your spiritual team.

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Runes Reading
(Witches Runes)
20 mins. / $15
As ADD-ON / $10**

A traditional divination system that uses symbols from a number of folk and alchemical traditions and has been used for over half a century. Simple, profound, powerful and intimate.  Using 13 runes representing the 13 Moons in a lunar year, they provide gentle intuitive messages in response to a specific question, situation, or in general. 

** Can be done as a stand alone short reading or as ADD-ON with any other service. **

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Archangelic Light Energy Session 
60 mins. / $75

1:1 Session - Archangelic Light (AL) is form of spiritual energy healing connected with the Archangels, Angles, and the energy of the Divine Feminine. Profound yet gentle, promotes healing to the root cause of an issue. It can be emotional, mental, physical, or spiritual. Hands off therapy that can be combined with Reiki or as stand alone. 


Your (AL) session will include:  Intuitive messages, oracle cards,, crystal therapy.

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Energetic Cord Cutting Session

90 mins. / $100

1:1 Session to help remove etheric cords, and unhealthy negative energy attachments. This can be a past relationship or any past or current negative “Energetic Cord” attachment. After we perform the cord cutting, you will receive 30 minutes of Energy Healing using Reiki and Archangelic Light Energy.


**It is highly recommended to have done Reiki or AL session prior to your cord cutting session in order to help you to release the things that no longer serve you.


Each client’s intuitive consultation is subject to the client’s own personal interpretation. The information provided does NOT constitute legal, psychological, medical, business or financial advice. Therefore, each client receiving the consultation is responsible for his/her own choices and/or actions. You can read our Intuitive Modalities Code of Ethics HERE.

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