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What a Pair to Watch! The New Moon & Solar Eclipse in Aries on April 19th at 9:20PM PST.

Eclipses are what I would describe as enigmatic, mysterious, mesmerizing, full of energetic presence, and heralds of major changes in our lives.

Despite sounding scary, they also play an important part in our souls evolution and cosmic history. This week on April 20th at 12:02AM EST, we welcome the first eclipse of the year in the sign of THE RAM (Aries). It will be at 29 degrees and 50 minutes, which in astrology is what we call a critical/anaretic degree being so close and on the threshold of the next sign.

Each sign occupies 30 degrees of celestial space in your zodiac wheel. The higher the degree, the higher the essence of the sign it carries. Just a few minutes before the finish line, it makes a final push, full forward, and leaves behind what no longer serves it, and is open to embracing a new beginning in the next sign.

Aries is a cardinal sign, the first of the zodiac, it will have a New Moon crossing over between the Sun and the Earth casting a hybrid eclipse. Hybrid eclipses are rare, they are called hybrid because they are seen as total eclipses in only certain parts of the planet, and annular/partial in others. The energy and effects are still the same, a total eclipse infused powerhouse for all of us to embrace.

Mini Eclipse 101 lesson: Solar eclipses always happen when there is a New Moon, and Lunar Eclipses happen when there is a Full Moon. Eclipses always come in pairs; Solar and Lunar and they occur ~14 days apart which is the time it takes the New Moon to reach Full Moon phase.

Depending on the zodiac sign a Solar Eclipse falls, its Lunar Eclipse pair will fall in the opposite zodiac sign, or what we call polarity signs: ARIES/LIBRA, TAURUS/SCORPIO, GEMINI/SAGITTARIUS, CANCER/CAPRICORN, LEO/AQUARIUS, and VIRGO/PISCES.

We have had a lot of Aries/Mars (its ruling planet) transits and presence in 2023 thus far. This is why I call this Solar Eclipse being on FIRE! We have learned hard lessons, we took a leap of faith, set out to be adventurous, assertive, determined in our quest to try and fight for what we wanted to explore.

This is Aries, this is what the Sun (vitality, ego, self-identity) represents, but now the Moon waltzes across it, and reminds us to tap into our inner resources and connect to our emotions following our inner compass to set some roots in the next sign of Taurus.

We are coming into a deep understanding of our authentic Self. We now know who we are, and we are ready to start a new chapter in our lives.

Your experience of this New Moon and Solar Eclipse really boils down to one question: What is your relationship with change? Though we would never advise you to throw total caution to the wind, we remind you that change is inevitable—and often exactly what we need to elevate.” ~ LILA

Pull up your natal chart (you can access it for free at, or and check the following to get a glimpse as to where you may feel the energy of this Eclipse.

1. Planets that fall in your Aries ruled house

2. Planets that are 29 degrees in any of your zodiac houses

3. Planets that fall in Libra (opposing Aries), remember it’s polar opposite

4. Any other planets that are conjunct (next to) your Moon and Sun

5. Look to see if you have any planets or significant chart points in the last few degrees of the cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, or Capricorn) or the first few degrees of the fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, or Aquarius).

If you are interested in exploring this together, we can dive deeper into your natal chart to take a look at what energies this New Moon/Solar eclipse will signify for you, or we can even do a quick tarot/oracle New Moon reading which are always packed with astro insights and divine messages!

Give yourself all the self-love and grace you need during this time. It’s a heck of a fiery ride. This week alone is one for us to take it slow as the Solar Eclipse will intensify by squaring Pluto in Aquarius, suggesting an urgency for deep transformation.

Towards the end of the week, Mercury reminds us to take a step back as it goes retrograde in the sign of Taurus just a day after the Solar Eclipse from April 21st until May 14th, 2023, and Taurus season begins. But don’t think taking a step back means sitting down and daydreaming, remember that Taurus calls for you to work hard, smart, be diligent, prepare, plan, and grow what you’ve been wanting to build for yourself.

Change is inevitable, in order to experience a new beginning, somethings gotta’ give, something has to end/culminate. Endings can sometimes leave us feeling sad, fulfilled, regretful, or hopeful. Whichever feeling you need to work on as you experience this New Moon/Solar Eclipse, shed old conditionings, restore your life energy, allow the beauty of the season to inspire and direct you towards a phase of BEING & BECOMING!



P.S. Watch my Instagram stories starting tomorrow for New Moon posts, witchy tarot card messages, and other fun witchy rituals I hope you’ll enjoy.


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