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To Lessons Learned: Full Moon in Gemini


The last full moon of the autumn season is coming our way at 4:16 a.m. EST on November 27th. It will be fully visible starting tonight on the 26th if you want to glance at the starry and illuminated sky! If there’s ever a time to release the past and make space for more bliss and fulfilment in anticipation of a new year, then this is the time to do just that!

While there are zero chills coming our way with this full moon— this is a time to open our eyes to things we have overlooked in the past, even though we may not choose to believe what we see, the choice to do so or not will be up to us and no one else.

Sometimes the biggest lies are the ones we tell to ourselves and when we are finally ready to be honest with ourselves about the ways in which we can improve our lives for the better, or to come clean to others about our feelings, it is a true game changer… And the TRUTH should set us FREE!

It’s hard to ignore the fact that the cosmos does influence us on so many levels, for us astrologers, we live for deciphering the subtle or not so subtle dance between the planets and our lives. For purposes of full disclosure, even though we know when to expect these aspects and can prepare for them, at least mentally for how they may impact us, we are still humans with good and bad days, and not always on our best A-Game to embrace what these cosmic events may bring us. However, in knowing what to expect or even know after the fact, does help release a lot of the burden of feeling we did something wrong or the infamous, “I should have known better”, we tend to beat ourselves up with.

This full moon is the culmination to a cycle of lunations that started in May of 2022. So think back to what has transpired in your life from that time up until now. For me, it’s been a rollercoaster of many ups and downs, narrow and wide turns, expected and unexpected dead ends and wide open roads. All which have served a huge purpose in my growth and the lessons learned have been pivotal in helping me really walk the talk I so uninvited and freely have preached to others for many years. This full moon invites us to set ourselves free by speaking up and doing so from the heart so I’ll start by getting on my soapbox first and maybe, just maybe it will inspire you to do the same. #speakyourtruth

We have the tendency as humans (myself included), to want to change people to make them “fit our mold’. My Lesson: Not everyone is meant to “fit and stay”, some people come to our lives to help us grow and for a karmic purpose. Let them go, set them free, and set yourself free from the struggle of forcing people into your life.

Accepting that some people (intentionally or unintentionally) use you is a fact and inevitable.

My lesson: Once you realize this, cut the cord and change the relationship dynamic. Once you no longer allow yourself to be used, people find the exit door to your energy, time, and space.

Everyone we tend to judge so harshly (because we do, I don’t care how spiritual and good-hearted we think we are), they too are fighting their own personal wars. My lesson: Understanding that if I invest the time I use to worry about others personal lives in myself, maybe I could inspire others around me to do the same. Kind of that: Give yourself grace, but make sure you give it to others as well.

Not everything we struggle with is due to trauma. I was recently reminded of this by Melissa Tiers in one of her recent posts and I could not agree more. My lesson: Allowing myself to accept that I will live my life owning my behaviors and choices; go with cause & effect instead of succumbing to the bottomless hole that everything up until now in my life is because of “trauma”. I release the victim mentality and set myself free from those that at one point made me feel like one.

Giving our energy to things that matter, learn to set and maintain healthy boundaries, and stop the people pleasing: My lesson: Honor my gut feelings and allow myself the time to rest, hibernate, and reset as often as needed for my well-being. Say NO when that is what I want to say, instead of YES for fear of upsetting others. If boundaries are in place and clear, heartache and misunderstandings will hurt less.

Trying to defend who we are the moment someone has an opinion of us, our lives, choices, or preferences. My lesson: Their opinion of me is none of my business. My opinion of me is all I need to worry about.

Expectations of others are great sometimes, but they can also lead to unnecessary disappointments. My lesson: Accepting that what makes us all so unique and authentic is precisely how different we all are. It doesn’t matter how many things in common we have with others, at the end of the day there is only one of us, and only one of others.

Making a huge fuss about petty things about work, relationships, even our personal lives as if they were that relevant to our existence or life purpose. My lesson: Nah! I refuse to allow anything that will not matter 1 week, day, year or 5 years from today to take up any more mind or energy space in my life. If my job doesn't align with me or is sucking the soul out of me, I will find another one as soon as I can, take that pay cut, burn the bridge on my way out.

Thinking spirituality means you should know more, are better than others, or should be further in life is an ilusion. My lesson: Spirituality is an inside job and as such no ones journey will ever be the same as ours. How I express my beliefs and the meaning it has for me is not meant to be displayed as a badge of honor for others to see. The real honor comes in evolving and growing at my own pace and spread kindness and compassion like it was freaking confetti.

Money, relationship statuses, career titles and accolades, selfies galore on social media or endless hours per day glued to our phones is the definition of success or time well spent for fear of missing out (#Fomo). My lesson: Embracing: “Out with the new and back to the old way of living a simple life.” -- Doing more of what I am constantly reminiscing on from “MY” good ole’ days... (#bellbotttomsrock, #snailmailwrtting, #polkadotpatterns & #backtothe70’sgroove) all included!

Living life like tomorrow is promised, always postponing stepping into our dreams and or doing the things we long to do. Major lessons: Tomorrow is never guaranteed, or the day and time we are called to seal the deal in this lifetime.

The last few weeks have been a wakeup call for me. People I cared for passed away unexpectedly; I’ve seen young people full of life literally fighting for their lives in an ICU, and just hoping to get better to have one more chance to be with their loved ones. My heart aches just by thinking and writing about this all.

I am really trying to step into living today as if it was my last human day. This doesn’t mean joining the gypsies or quitting my day job. But it does mean that I need to take time to smell the flowers and admire the many blessings I am gifted each and every day. It means I should be counting how many times I spend smiling and laughing, and not the pounds on the scale or the money in my bank account. It means that if I have a favorite t-shirt, I get to wear it as often as I want to without caring if it's faded, or out of style. It means that I get to watch Hallmark and Christmas movies year round because they make me happy. This is what I mean by living my life, minding my own business, and honoring the closing of cycles graciously.

Somebody should tell us, right at the start of our lives, that we are dying. Then we might live life to the limit, every minute of every day. Do it! I say. Whatever you want to do, do it now! There are only so many tomorrows. ~ Pope Paul VI

That’s it… these are some of my many lessons learned, the many more I have to learn, some of these lessons I’ve shared with you today I am still learning as I go, but aren’t we all a work in progress after all?

I leave you below with one of my favorite poems which I find perfect for these times. May this full moon in Gemini bring you a breakthrough moment that helps you embrace your true self. Speak your truth and be kind to yourself and others when you do. Be fearless in your pursuit to follow your heart and walk the journey of this life at the pace that works for you. Make stops along the way if you must, but stay the course you are meant to travel even if it means traveling alone.


Wishing you warmth, a truck load of happiness to last you many lifetimes, and may you never forget how special and freaking wonderful you are just by being you!

xo, ~Sandy


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