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My Castaway New Moon in Gemini Story

So many options and so little time is the current theme waltzing in the air as we welcome the New Moon at 26° in Gemini. You may have found yourself daydreaming more than the usual on all the things you have wanted to accomplish in terms of where you see your next move, or in terms of what you hope is the new beginning of the rest of your life. Your imagination has probably been working overtime with the New Moon squaring Neptune in Pisces. Deep down you may even have had a strong pull into fantasy and imagination land exploring all the possibilities of what you have dreamed of accomplishing.

Personally for me the hardest part has been knowing that I am in my golden age (as they say when you’re past the age of 50), and I have found myself being overly cautious with regards to what my next moves may be. I no longer feel as if I have youth and many years ahead of me to just jump in and try things as many times as I would want to as I used to before. I miss the daring, adventurous, and carefree spirit I used to be. Sometimes I sit for extended periods of times like today wondering if that youthful spirit is still inside me. Mercurial thoughts rush from one place to the other in my restless mind. As the planet that governs this New Moon in Gemini, a lot of thinking about stuff is just what I’ve been doing. How about, you? Communication is key to being able to understand what these inner thoughts are, deciphering the true meaning behind them, and not being too caught up on the words themselves but more on the emotional feelings that we get when we are left alone having a full on blown inner dialogue with ourselves.

I feel this deep sense of transformation taking place even when I am not fully an active participant on what is changing in me. I sometimes wonder if anyone else feels the same way I do. It’s hard to explain, but if I had to put it into words, it kind of feels as if the themes and situations I have lived through this first part of the year 2023 are a replay of patterns and situations I have previously experienced. I see a situation now and it’s like my mind rushes to find in my memory drawer a time in my life where I might have already lived through something similar. You know, kind of the Déjà vu and WTF! synchronistic moment where your eyes want to abandon their orbital sockets?!

Something tells me that Pluto recently retrograding back into Capricorn has something to do with this as a way of forcing me to get it right this time around, to not fall for the same mistakes as I did in the past, and to work diligently at moving past any stagnant themes and lessons in my life that are way overdue for me to get right!

It’s not necessarily about sitting here and trying to dissect what the lesson is, but being mindful as to understanding that if it keeps coming up I may need to switch gears and change my M-O. It’s obvious it hasn’t worked out in the past or I would have moved past it, so maybe now as I continue my walk through the golden age and what should be the best years of my spiritual and adult life, the focus through which I see life and what I envision for myself needs to be adjusted. I have to switch gears, and not sit for hours on dreamland hoping the world around me changes for me to start making my own personal changes.

Change and transformation are very personal to each of us. Lately a lot has been shifting and changing for me and I am good with that! I don’t question why things work or they don’t. I am learning to go with the Universal flow of where I should be focusing my energy at. I am using my gut as a compass into being mindful as to which way I need to go next. Letting go of trying to understand why as humans we act the way we do is no longer something I fixate on. People will always be people and we all have our personal journeys and lessons to learn. Some people come into our lives to help us for a short amount of time, and others for longer, the truth is we don’t need to dwell or question the mighty Gods as to why they no longer resonate with us, or are no longer part of our lives as before. I am content in knowing that there is always a much bigger reason for everything in our lives that we will eventually understand and accept when the time is right, and when we are ready to fully understand that reason. When the student is ready, the teacher shall appear! Until then, I will experience moments of confusion, I will get upset at shit people do or don’t do, I will be bothered by trying to figure out every damn thing that revolves around me. Honestly, it’s exhausting just thinking about it.

In no way do I pretend to know or have the answer to everything in life. If I did, I probably wouldn’t be pouring my little confused Astro-spiritual heart out here in this blog. What I do know with certainty is that trying to change or control the outcome of things in our lives, will wear us down, drain us, and the more we fight it, the harder we fall flat on our buttocks.

I don’t know if I ever mentioned this before, I probably have since it is one of my passions from the marvelous world of astrology, but the Nodes of the Moon are quite the little pandora boxes into understanding a lot of why we feel a tug-a-war at times in our lives.

If you are ever curious as to digging in a little more into why your soul chose the lessons and life you are experiencing as a human this time around, definitely check out Astrology for the Soul by Jan Spiller. Anyways, my reason for mentioning this, is that many years ago when I read about my nodes, understanding that the South Node is our comfort zone and where we have been in previous lives, and the North Node being where we need to grow into in this life to align and fulfill our purpose, was a huge eye opener to see that TO SURRENDER was associated with my North Node in Pisces. For me, it is all about surrendering to what is dealt to me, have faith in what is not what I want things to be, and trust the hell out of the Universe in knowing it really does open doors when we start living and going towards the direction of our North Nodes.

So anyone that knows me well will probably tell you that I speak with analogies, the true storyteller, a little picturesque and a dash of enchantment in how I express and explain things I am passionate about, such as Astrology and the Nodes of the Moon. Back to my little story, so when I explain what my Nodes are in movie language, I see Cast Away with Tom Hanks (Wilson included, and no, in my version, Wilson doesn't drift away, not under my watch!).

My South Node is the island where Tom Hanks was; he has everything he needs to survive, maybe not the best of things, but in a way that safety and security of the known allows him to exist in some way. Now, when he realizes that staying in the island and doing the same thing over and over again is not getting him anywhere, he decides to venture into what his North Node is inviting him to explore. (Are you still with me? The Ocean being the North Node!)

Off we go into taking with us only the essentials, and leaving behind our comfort zones, what is familiar to us. This island that has provided us with what we needed for so long (South Node), and into the ocean (North Node) we sail in hopes we get it right. And just like in the movie, that leap of faith is what saves us from the confinements of a desert island we needed to outgrow. We don’t even have to paddle that hard to find our True North Node, we can just float and surrender to the ebbs and flow of the ocean, and we will survive. The Universe will come together in unison to rescue us and lead us into our higher calling and purpose. I have taken quite some leaps of faith myself since last year, and to say that I had an unwavering faith every time I took those leaps of faith, would be a crock of manure! But merit needs to be given where it is due, and I have seen, lived through, and continue to witness how my path is paved for me each day as I follow my North Node as my guiding star.

If you are ever wanting to sit and have a chart reading of your Nodes and find your guiding star, I would love to sit with you to decipher what purpose your soul chose for this life, and help you find the answers to a lot of the questions you’ve probably had and still do today as to what and why things are not aligning with your goals and dreams. You can contact me directly at: or through the CONTACT ME button on the homepage.

I would rather take my chances out there on the ocean than stay here and die. #castaway

May this New Moon in Gemini bring you clarity of mind, spirit, and purpose. Start anew, set your intentions, charge your crystals, cleanse your aura and space, and feel it all in your soul. xo,



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