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Let's Find That Spark Again!

Are you tired of feeling "stuck" or just so drained that your inner joy and spark seem to be non-existent?

I know "that feeling" more than I care to admit, but what if I told you that:

  1. You are not alone in feeling the way you do, this is a REALITY that many of us are facing!

  2. Ignoring it will NOT make it go away, simple as that!

  3. Trying to figure it out is usually the hardest part because you don't know WHAT on earth it is that you're feeling, or NOT FEELING?

If this is you in any way, shape or form, then let me tell you that I GET YOU. I was there, not too long ago and there is simply no magic formula that "fixes it".

It takes one tiny step, one random day, and all of sudden you start unraveling this messiness, and filling this emptiness with love, forgiveness, gratitude, and loving kindness for yourself. This is the day when you start screaming off the top of your lungs: I have had and I AM ENOUGH!

If you have ever felt like you can relate to that feeling of "blah", then buckle up and get ready to join your SOUL TRIBE! - We will ride this wave together in a no judgement space where you can share your story, or maybe hold space for others like you that need to share theirs.

If you want to read more on why I am so confident in sharing this with you or what you can do to start taking those baby steps.... You will want to head over to the tab that says RESOURCES under the post titled: "Let's Find That Spark Again", and subscribe to be alerted when we go live. You can also follow us on Instagram to stay in the loop!

So now you are probably wondering where it is that I come in, right? Nothing fancy or special, just me showing up as literally me and doing what I do best, research my little heart out, and nurture the space for you and so many others to start living the life YOU want. None of that what you deserve, but the life you want. We all deserve to be happy, feel safe, loved, worthy, and I can go on, but there is a big leap between deserving it and wanting it! Wanting it is the driving force that starts the engine to taking those first baby steps. So many times we hear people saying: You need to want it bad enough, (guilty as charged!); I have had a taste of my own medicine on days I too have lost my spark, my zest for wanting it, or simply not knowing where to trace that feeling of "blah".

Trial & Error baby!!, or should I be completely honest and say: Tears galore, days of wanting to sleep it off to see if it vanishes while I sleep, or feeling so damn numb that I simply don't care??? - Yup, that's the honest truth of it all. You learn to become a super hero on days like this by just getting out of bed. You live your day in "survival mode", and at the end of the day you are grateful that you made it back to where it all started (in your bed), in one piece and proud you managed to make it through. P.S. I forgot to mention, you also get to proudly take off your SUPERHERO cape off and hang it for when you need it again. My goal is to help you go out there feeling and being the HERO you are without the need to wear that cape. You have what it takes to soar and go as far as you want!!

I am not saying your life has to be all "rainbows & skittles" (Haha!, borrowed that line from my kids, I'm such a "Cool Mom!), but let's get real, YOU get to have as many if not more days of feeling bliss, joy, and admiring your inner spark, as you do days where you just can't see or feel any of it.

"At the height of laughter, the universe is flung into a kaleidoscope of new possibilities." ~ Jean Houston

So why choose to join me and your Soul Tribe?? Maybe because the fact that you can relate to any of the above, is the reason you know you WANT to not only see the light at the end of the "blah tunnel", but run like your entire being depended on it! Run towards the life you get to live on so damn purpose!!!

Join us and be in the lookout for upcoming WEBINARS, PODCAST, NEWSLETTERS, GUEST SPEAKERS, and so many others joining us to share their personal stories, hard life learned wisdom, and expertise on real day-to-day life topics such as: feeling stuck, stressed, burnt out, drained, relationships, career, starting your own business, missing something in your life but not knowing exactly what that something may be, or just to share a little you time of good ole laughs with friends, because the truth is that...

"Laughing is literally the cheapest form of therapy and by far the most pleasant one. It has the power to heal not only your soul, but also your body."~ Flavia Medrut

"Laugh my friend, for laughter ignites a fire within the pit of your belly and awakens your being." ~ Stella McCartney


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