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Harvesting Love & Abundance ~ New Moon in Taurus!

The energy with this last Mercury Rx which was quite intense left us probably feeling a little out of place and drained. A lot of things have been transitioning in order to keep pushing us towards the next phase of our generational shift into the Aquarius arena. With the Sun in Gemini (this witty mutable Air sign), our energy may feel a little scattered at times, we have a lot going on that pushes us to wanting us to get out there to explore and take short trips in order to ground ourselves in some way. Luckily for us, Jupiter moved into Taurus on May 16th and it will stay there until May 25, 2024. Jupiter is known as the Great benefic, the planet of luck and expansion. Be mindful that while Jupiter is considered a lucky planet, expansion can lead to areas in your life that are not going so well and things may get out of control.

Speaking of Taurus, we are currently under the spell of a New Moon in the last degrees of Taurus that took place last night at 11:53PM. This is a time for us to plant the seeds in the fertile grounds of this earthy sign. New Moon is about setting those intentions, so write them down if you must, and then work diligently to see them blossom into what you envision them to be.

We are in the prime time to work towards those goals that we have kept tucked in our hearts and minds waiting for a sign as to when it would be the best time for us to take the first steps into making it happen. Taurus is not a get it done quick and be done, this is about staying level headed, contemplating the beauty in everything you do, working smart, slow, and steady in order to reap the benefits that will nourish both your soul and physical body.

The change in our lives begins with a change in our minds. Destiny grows where your focus flows.

Invest in you, in ways to use your creativity in your finances, how you use your time, budgeting, and incorporating time that is spent in reaping benefits for your greater good. If we must use social media, let it be for expanding our minds with information that adds richness to our lives instead of draining us. If we must watch television, let it be to enjoy shows and movies that make us feel lighter and make us smile or enhance happy memories. If we go out for a stroll, let’s take time to “be present” and incorporate mindfulness. This is about observing, and really looking at the trees, the shape, texture, and color of the leaves. This is about closing our eyes and listening to the sound of the wind, the birds chirping, the squirrels running around and climbing trees as they find their safe spot to see the world from above. Practicing mindfulness is not only about being present, but living “on purpose” and grasping the all of all that envelops us.

Remember that it is not what look at that matters, it’s what you see!

Here are both a Mindfulness Meditation and one of my favorite Healing & Relaxing Music Videos for you to enjoy!

Happy New Moon in Taurus, may you plant the seeds that will lead you to a bountiful harvest of prosperity, security, a healthier body, clear thoughts, and an open heart to receive the abundance of love you deserve.




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