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Finding Love Through Forgiveness: Full Moon in Aries.


The full Harvest moon in Aries rises tomorrow on Sept. 29th in the early wee hours right before 6:00 AM (EST). As you may already know or have heard of, full moons are seen as moments of reflection, release, and renewal. With Aries being the hot, fiery and passionate sign ruled by Mars, and the Sun opposing it from the sign of Libra, known for its airy essence of intelligence, peace-seeking, and undeniable charm, you have combustion! Both of these signs are of cardinal modality, so you are being called or pushed for that matter, to take initiative and get things done!

O.K so now let’s address the elephant in the room… Yes, the Aries/Libra axis has the word “relationships” written all over it, but before we get too caught up on thinking this only applies to external relationships, think again. The majority of times we have rocky relationships with others because we fail at having a healthy relationship with ourselves. We are too preoccupied with attracting people or partners into our lives, and somehow forget to nurture our own souls.

Have you experienced or heard of being a people pleaser or having issues with boundaries? (Guilty to the damn T!!!). - I also have some other astrological stories that I have brewed into a messy stew that make me part of this clan. Talk about some experiences that really push you the edge and outside your comfort zone. And while I harp on this subject of SELF-LOVE like it’s the best thing since sliced bread, I will do it until the end of times because it is a recurring topic that will be around for as long as we live.

So how do we do this self-love thingy if full moons are all about releasing and letting go of what no longer serves us? Maybe we start by admitting that we harbor a lot of resentment in our hearts, have a truck load of regrets, doubts, and a ton of lessons we have yet to learn that will continue to get in our way, how is that for starters? Now I know it may sound cliché and you may agree or disagree with me on what I'm about to say, but I stand by this saying a hundred percent: We can’t give what we don’t have or better said, know how to express". - We innately have so much love inside of us just ready to burst out to give and share with others, yet we struggle day in and day out with, insecurities, fears, past experiences, lack of self-worth, limiting beliefs, negative self-talk, and the list goes on and on and on (think Energizer Bunny), as to all the crap that gets in our way of us taking the stand into the love spot light.

Well, here is one of those spotlight moments for you: This full moon will illuminate the sky to help you shed some light on your inner world, and the emotional landscape around it. Be mindful as to defining what it is exactly that you want to release, and when you figure it out, make peace with it. Don’t fall under the “good riddance and bye felicia” wagon, that's not releasing, that's forgetting momentarily and bitterness, instead thank whatever it is you want to release and send it to the light with all the love and compassion for what it served in your life, because YES, all of it served us one way or another for a higher purpose whether we know it or not. You know what I am referring to, those relationships that rocked you to your core, the co-dependency patterns, the people-pleasing, fears and doubts, low self-esteem and the rest of that bottomless list that we know too well…. set them all free, and also set yourself free while you are at it.

Here Ye, here ye, to all cardinal signs: Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn, be on your A-game darlings, and I am referring to you if you have your Sun sign, Moon, or any of the big poppa karmic planets (Pluto, Saturn, and Jupiter) in the sign of Aries on your natal chart. Listen up buttercups, you will feel the tug and nudges from this full moon intensified, so be open to the high waves of change coming your way, and don’t resist them. This is all part of the divine plan to get you to what I like to call, "soul growing".

Now let's burn down the house! Ha, just kidding, but a ritual that fits perfectly for this full moon to help you release whatever it is you are wanting to let go off is writing down on a piece of paper words or phrases of negative self-talk or patterns you want to get rid off and then BURN IT, (meaning the paper of course)! - The intention with this ritual, is to symbolically let go of all these things that are not for your highest intention and may be holding you back on your relationships (with others or yourself). After you burn the paper, don’t forget to invite in, loving kindness and light energy into your heart center.

And one last but super important wisdom nugget: Forgive… or at least try your best to do as much of it as you can. I'm not saying you have to become a forgiveness pro player overnight, but give it a try. - Forgive yourself for the many times you told yourself you should have known better, or for the many times you have replayed the video or audio inside your head keeping you in a past that no longer exists. - Let it go, all of it! Release it, forgive, and start anew.


“To love yourself right now, just as you are, is to give yourself heaven. Don’t wait until you die. If you wait, you die now. If you love, you live now.” ~ Alan Cohen

Embrace this Full Moon in Aries and let it be that intimate friend for you that you so willingly invite into your most sacred space. Let it comfort you, she is ready to listen to you from a place of non-judgement, and if in the process you must cry, do so unapologetically and with no damn shame. Never forget that you would not be you today had it not been for the you of yesterday.

xo, Sandy


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