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Beyond the New Year Cheers: My Real Wish For You!

Forget the fancy Happy New Year stuff—I'm all about wishing you something real. You know how we all make resolutions every year, but they usually fizzle out? Yeah, been there, done that...


We've all messed up, hit roadblocks, and had dreams that never took off. Gym memberships? Usually a short-lived commitment. Money issues make us want a change. Health stuff might push us to eat better or finally see a doctor.


Life throws lessons our way, we catch some, celebrate a win, and then boom, the same lesson hits us again. Ever wonder why that happens?


We all want things to be different, but obstacles pop up. Pain and tough times? Everyone's been there. We trip ourselves up, make false starts. We've all done the "Oops, my bad" routine.


Life is like a wild rollercoaster—ups, downs, lefts, rights. But here's the thing: taking a wrong turn doesn't mean you won't get where you're headed. Big wins usually follow forgettable losses.


Remember Dory from Finding Nemo? "Just keep swimming." Yeah, that's the vibe I'm leaning towards here, stay with me... Maybe it's time to try something new if the same old routine feels blah. Life's a journey, and sometimes it throws big challenges our way that seem never-ending.

That "just keep swimming" idea is like a reminder to keep moving forward however you can, even if it's just a little step. It helps distract us from tough situations and gives us hope that, with time and effort, we can get through whatever's bothering us. Whatever you're facing right now, know there's an end to it, and just keep going until you reach that better place.


So, Happy New Year? Yeah, kinda. But more than that, I'm routing for a better life for you. It might take a few tries. Forget about thinking in years—try a few weeks, a couple of days, or just a random afternoon. Go with the flow of life, be present in the NOW!


Your obstacles? They're like the secret sauce to your success. You're not just your strengths; you've got curiosities that can reveal beautiful and unique talents you never knew you had. You're totally enough. So, it’s definitely long overdue and time for you to step away from the daily grind, and take a breather. Personally, I think we owe this to ourselves.

"If you asked me for a New Year Resolution, it would be to find our who I am." -Cyril Cusack


As I bid farewell to 2023 and usher in 2024, I'm not making any major resolutions I know I won't stick to. Instead, I'm making a promise to myself: to love more, write more, read more, and, most importantly, to navigate life with a gentle touch, guided by a growing confidence that the Universe has my back at all times despite my faith wavering at times. Maybe, just maybe, that's what it means to follow my heart.


I hope that in some way I've inspired you to also follow your hearts calling and live for the moments that matter the most to you.

Happy "You" Year My Loves!

xx, ~Sandy


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