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Aquarius Full Moon Awakens Our Rebel Soul

On Aug 1, 2023, 2:31 PM ET, we experience a Full Super Moon at 9º15’ Aquarius. This event marks a time of personal and collective awakening and offers us an invitation to explore how we can be of service to our community in a way that generates joy and fulfillment, in a way that honors the creative impulse that moves us.

(Credits: Stylecaster; Astrostyle; Moonomens)

This is a Super Full Moon, as it is happening around the area of the Moon’s orbit that is closer to the Earth. For this reason, the Full Moon appears bigger and brighter and her energy is said to be more powerful.

At this time of the month, the energy rises and so does the emotional intensity: Full Moons mark turning points and shifts in our awareness. The Moon is forming a 180º angle with the Sun, technically known as an opposition. We are now experiencing the natural tension between the two opposing and complement Aquarius is inherently future-oriented and, for this reason, tends to be a widely misunderstood energy.

With Venus also accompanying the sun in retrograde motion, the impact on our relationships will be profound and emotionally charged. These days may lead us to act more boldly as our self-worth is questioned, guided by the rebellious energy of Aquarius.

The influence of Aries rising at the moment of the full moon instills enthusiasm in us to take new steps in life. However, the opposite positions of Mars and Saturn might cause hesitation, particularly in navigating the challenges of our professional lives. Additionally, the presence of Chiron above suggests that we might feel isolated, facing our battles alone. It is essential to prioritize our health, particularly the digestive system: it’s an opportune time for body detoxification to raise our vibrational energy!

In order to share one’s true brilliance one initially has to risk looking like a fool: genius is like a wheel that spins so fast, it at first glance appears to be sitting still. ~ Criss Jami

The alignment of the moon and the sun on the astrological chart indicates a need for balance between our social life and our love life. For those in relationships, spending time with our partner in our social circle, forming new networks together, and making future plans can strengthen the bond. Meanwhile, for those single, it's a time to increase social interactions and pursue love relationships, though caution is advised due to Venus being retrograde. There might be hidden aspects that could surface later during the retrograde period.

The Venus retrograde in Leo, having its highest effect during the full moon, can be described as a power struggle with feminine energy prevailing. Finding balance in the relationship through serving and appreciating feminine energy can lead to healing. This is a great time to learn to set boundaries and recognize our self-worth during this period.

The position of Jupiter connects favorably to the career point, indicating potential opportunities in the material field. The square aspect of Pluto with the north-south lunar nodes signals the end of making compromises in material and spiritual exchanges. It is time to seek divine justice and establish an ideal balance between giving and receiving.

To understand how you will be impacted by this Full Moon, identify where Aquarius falls in your birth chart. For fixed signs or those with prominent placements in that modality (Leo, Taurus, Scorpio and/or Aquarius), this moon will be particularly groundbreaking!

The cosmos is pushing us to speak up and let our emotions be known, both to ourselves and to others. This supermoon is urging us to peel back our emotions and embrace our innermost sentiments. Do not ignore the red flags that the moon’s light is exposing. They are being brought to our attention to help in guiding us towards the truth of matters. Once we are able to see situations and relationships for what they really are, we will know how to deal with them and handle the issues.

Overall, the astrological alignments on August 1st, the beautiful Full Sturgeon Moon urges us to introspect, find balance in our relationships, be cautious in decision-making during the Venus retrograde, and seize potential opportunities in our career and material pursuits. Embracing these insights can lead to growth and harmony in various aspects of our lives.

Remember, you don’t have to rush towards taking action. You can sit with your feelings for a few days. Reflect upon what the heart, mind, and spirit desire. Regardless of the choices we make in the end, the full moon is offering us clarity and the tools to navigate our journey.

Sending you tons of rebel hugs and vibes!

xo, ~Sandy


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