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A Dance of Love Under the Full Moon in Scorpio and Lunar Eclipse.

This lunar eclipse continues the magic of the solar eclipse that we had on April 19th. It is also part of a set of seven eclipses taking place on the Taurus and Scorpio axis from November 2021 through October 2023.

The solar eclipse opened up the portals for us to new beginnings, and this lunar eclipse in Scorpio helps us complete the journey. Scorpio represents closure of some kind, endings, and culmination of something that you need to learn, release, and move on from.

This lunar eclipse helps us move forward and leave behind anything that holds us back and interferes with us reaching our soul’s purpose. Because of the Moon being so influential in the lunar eclipse, emotions are highest during this time. Allow yourself the space and time to process all the emotions that surface this and the weeks following the eclipse.

Try not to make any major decisions while emotions are so exposed, so allow the waters to settle first. Scorpio is a water sign and the Moon rules Cancer another water sign, so this is double whammy! But the best part is that water also cleanses, purifies, and even when we feel like we may be drowning, if we trust the Universe, the flow of these waters will always lead us to where we are meant to go.

This is the perfect time to go inward and tap into your feelings, pay attention to the signs around you, use your intuitive gifts to harness the energy of the eclipse. This energy will begin about two days before the eclipse and last for about two days after.

Your senses are heightened during a full Moon, making it a great time for meditations of any kind. Your energy is more intense and your psychic abilities are at its peak. Below is a simple meditation and ritual to help you navigate this lunar energy.

Meditation & Cleansing Ritual for this Full Moon

Meditate the day before, day of, or the day after the Full Moon eclipse. You can use the one below or any other that resonate with you.

Recite out loud or to yourself:

This full Moon energy is something I am here to channel. Come forth and hear my thoughts and wishes. These wishes will become reality. By the next full Moon, I will start to see the passageway that brings me to my intention. My intention is to…. (state your desire).
  • After you reflect on what you asked, conclude by saying: “And so it is!”

Follow-up with a bath or shower to cleanse your auric field. You can recite the following during or after your bath/shower.

I AM now choosing to cleanse myself and release any and all thought forms, beings, situations, and energies that are no longer in service to my highest and greatest good. Across all planes of existence, across all universes, and across all lifetimes. I ask that all energies that are less than love be transmuted for the highest good of all.”
  • After this conclude by saying: And so it shall be!”

My wish for you is that this Full Moon in Scorpio and Lunar Eclipse remind you of the beautiful cycle of life. Allow yourself to be aligned in oneness with the rhythms of the flowing waters. Ground yourself to grow strong roots that connect you to the heart of the Earth in the present moment, and dance like no one is watching under the light and shadows of the Moon.




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