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Saturn in Pisces - King of the Gods Makes It's Move

The much awaited Saturn in Pisces strolls into our lives on March 7th at 8:03 AM/EST, leaving Aquarius behind where we were taught to be disciplined in order to survive. We endured lockdowns, financial losses, increased costs of living, all areas that required that we learn to fend for ourselves by being resourceful and find innovative ways to be able to move forward and pretty much survive.

But now as Saturn the planet known for being (structured, all about discipline, and goal-oriented), enters the sign of Pisces (the fluid, dreamy, go with the flow), we get to witness a partnership with a hue of: “let’s not go crazy, (Saturn), with “maybe not crazy, but loosen up”, and let’s be fluid, (Pisces), while we work around the rules in place. Rules that we are not necessarily looking to break, but to bring forth all the wisdom we attained from the past few years and find a way to make them more inclusive and expansive at the same time. Rules are meant to be broken/or re-written in order to pave the way for better rules that allow us growth. The times of keeping us confined inside little boxes of thoughts, restrictions that inhibit our freedom are way outdated. This ingress of the King of the Gods (McKarma Daddy!) when it is exalted in the sign of Pisces (McMommy Dreamer), this partnership has potential to allow us some ebb and flow balance.

Saturn has done the work for the past few years while it was in its sign of Capricorn and then Aquarius, and boy can we testify to it working double shifts and then some. Now its finally moving forward into the mutable water sign of Pisces where it will try to bring some order and in some way help Pisces snap back into reality, as opposed to staying in a world of just imagination. Saturn will be riding with Pisces for the next three years, so buckle up because you will feel it depending on where it falls in your natal chart.

There will be some adjustments and compromise from this partnership, we have to remember that Saturn is not in its element (solid and dry), whereas, Pisces is (cold and wet), so the two will need to cut the other some slack to make the best of it. Pisces like a true water sign knows that the only way out is be fluid, flow freely and find a way to navigate its way around all things to continue its journey. Pisces wants to travel deep and far until it reaches the vast ocean of possibilities. That’s the beauty of water signs, they carry the strength of raw emotions, but water is so powerful that it can carve its way through any matter even the strong solid rocks in its path. The downside to this is that, too much water without a defined stream can leave us feeling without a sense of direction, allowing us so much freedom and free flowing that in our travels our water will lose its sparkle and depth.

We need Saturn to whip us up in place, to guide us in a way that allows us to freely express ourselves, but remind us that everything needs some sort of structure, and in order to achieve the best results, hard work and discipline are a must. This partnership is not a tug-a-war, but more of Saturn telling Pisces, you are way out of control being so loosie goosy, and Pisces responding back saying: loosen up buttercup and trust your inner compass and freedom.

For many Aquarius signs, this is finally a time to breathe a little better as they are culminating their Saturn return. Your first Saturn return is one you will always remember, and as long as you welcome it from a place of growth with an open mindset, you will come out of it with a an unsurpassed wisdom that will help you navigate the years ahead.

So, what can you expect from this transit in your life for the next few years? Well, keep a close eye on the areas below based on which house and sign Saturn is in your natal chart.

  • Saturn in Aries: Learning to develop your intuition and connect with the spiritual world. You get to do you, and travel the road less traveled to find your spiritual voice and identity. Just keep it real, assertive, but express yourself just as you are. Dare to be adventurous while also cautious.

  • Saturn in Taurus: Your hopes and dreams are wanting to manifest in some way, connect with your soul tribe to make this happen. The world has been waiting for you to show us what you’ve learned and share the wisdom you bring to the table from the past few years of soul growth.

  • Saturn in Gemini: Stay focused and don’t despair even when it feels like you’re not getting anywhere. Your hard work will not go unrewarded, but discipline and boundaries will be your lifesavers as you travel these waters. Career development is on the rise for you with this transit. Your souls mission is waiting to make its presence.

  • Saturn in Cancer: With an open mind, the world is yours to conquer. Your beliefs are being challenged, grow spiritually and you’ll find your answers. Make your mark in this world but thinking outside the box. Your voice carries empathy and compassion, but it also has the potential to carve the way for some hard truths that can cause ripples for future generations.

  • Saturn in Leo: Transforming through partnerships, intimate relations, and personal power, the lion is ready to exert its dominance on the main stage. Be open to ideas, and to the bigger picture outside of the spotlight. The lessons may be hard but very well worth it in the end, and you will be transformed in ways you would have never imagined.

  • Saturn in Virgo: To love, to learn, and to grow we need relationships. Some you will outgrow and leave behind, and others will help you grow and come out stronger than ever before. Just one foot in front of the other and you’ll be able to move forward. Analyze, discard, prioritize, let go, take on, and be creative in your decisions. Think outside the box.

  • Saturn in Libra: Time to get to working in order to see the beauty in all your potentials. Grab your notepad and take notes, start thinking about your wellness as a whole. You need to get on track and with the program, but try to find a medium and balance in your approach, while you are at it.

  • Saturn in Scorpio: The past few years may have been all about work, but it’s time to have fun and start painting on a new canvas of possibilities. Bring all the array of colors with you and paint away. Imagine yourself out in a park under the sunny sky, listening to your favorite music, and being inspired on your next masterpiece.

  • Saturn in Sagittarius: Time to dive deep into the roots of your childhood, and when you think of home what does home feel like to you. Sometimes, somewhere that’s where you must go to rescue the wounded child you left behind, and in order to move forward you must go back. Other times, this is where you need to go to remind yourself of how simple and carefree life was. Choose wisely and accordingly, but revisit both to find a healthy balance if you must.

  • Saturn in Capricorn: Mind over matter but as long as matters are grounded and not in La-La land. Communicating your inner thoughts may be somewhat of a struggle, but it’s time to speak your truth and go the distance with putting those thoughts out for the world to hear them. The world can use some structure and order as long as it's not constricting or goes against our spiritual evolution which is much needed to navigate these times.

  • Saturn in Aquarius: The past few years taught you well with persevering and allowing you to grow in matters of shaping you into place. This time you get to reap the benefits of those lessons and you find wealth in your own values, hard work, and inner resources. You get to breath and run freely through the field of possibilities.

  • Saturn in Pisces: The world is ready to see YOU! Time to show up and embrace your identity. It’s O.K. to come out and be vulnerable; you’ve earned it and you deserve to trust yourself as this is your time to pave the way to your future. Swim AWAY, but don't swim away too far out into the ocean where you find yourself alone and lost.

Tip: If you are wondering where you can obtain a free basic birth/natal chart just to familiarize yourself with the positions of the planets, I highly recommend: and There are many websites where you can obtain one, but the two above are user friendly and keep it simple if you're just wanting a glimpse at your chart.

This is our time for Saturn to remind us that the past is gone and needs to be left behind. The lessons, growth, and wisdom are what we need to bring forth into the Pisces arena. Saturn is culminating a long journey through the zodiac and it is asking us to embrace the future with grace, forgiveness, and turning the page to a new chapter full of healthy and transcendent possibilities.


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