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Sunday with Morty!

Have you ever found yourself contemplating what it means to truly live, or questioning random coincidences in your life, then we have a lot in common, and this blog story is for you.

If you’re a book worm you’ve probably heard of the book Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom. A charming and simple written memoir based on the friendship between Morrie a sociology professor and his favorite student in college, Mitch.

Mitch lost contact with his beloved professor but after seeing him on a TV interview he reached out to reconnect with him. This is when he finds out professor Morrie has fallen ill with ALS and together they decide to meet every Tuesday to talk about each other’s problems and life. The lessons and values Morrie imparts while battling the disease are very heartfelt, given with the intent to better the life of another even while dying.

“Life is a series of pulls back and forth... A tension of opposites, like a pull on a rubber band. Most of us live somewhere in the middle. "

Now you’re probably thinking why am I talking about a book called Tuesday’s with Morrie, but my blog post is titled Sunday with Morty, right? Let me start by saying that I’m a big believer in signs, synchronicities, and Angel nudges. I was not always like this, or maybe I was but wasn’t that aware of what was happening. I don’t know in anyone else’s case, but in my case, it all happened like someone turned on the lights one day out of nowhere, and I started seeing signs and things that were too “out of this earthly world” in terms of spiritual meaning and symbolism that I couldn't ignore.

One of these awakenings for me was learning to decipher and trust my intuitive random thoughts (aka messages). I learned to distinguish between the thoughts I created in my mind, and the ones that appeared out of nowhere and were random. When I started paying attention to these random thoughts, everything changed for me. Things were happening, premonitions were pouring in left and right, and it became a running joke around my co-workers who called me “a witch”. I know deep down they called me that even before these premonitions, but now it was more the spooky, oh crap! can she turn us into a toad or make us grow a tail kind of witch, or can she read our thoughts. LOL!

My kids to this date still ask me to conjure the lotto numbers, but I can’t seem to make it happen. What hasn’t stopped is the messages, premonitions, and how when I listen and follow these random thoughts and messages that come out of nowhere, something happens that is meant to put me on a path I would have not taken otherwise.

Back to my story… So my youngest daughter and I had decided to go thrifting on a random Sunday in April of 2021, thrifting is one of our families fun outings. We love vintage shopping, and treasure hunting like we call it. We planned on getting up early and try to set a thrifting record by visiting as many stores as we could fit in that day. Off we went, and after visiting the first two stores, and at least 3 - 4 more to go, we sat in the car and were undecided where we would go next. Typically, we would have headed to Raleigh which was only 15-20 minutes away from where we were, but out of nowhere one of these random thoughts popped into my head and I told my daughter we should go to Fuquay Varina, this was a good 40 minute drive for us. My daughter looked at me as I second guessed myself (I tend to do a lot), and she said to me: Mom, just go with your gut, and so I did and off we went to Fuquay on our longer drive.

It was only 15 minutes after we started driving where on a super busy highway with cars all going at least 60 - 65 mph, I looked at the right side of the road to what appeared to be a small gray raccoon, or some sort of animal. Note: Empath and Animal Lover Alert! My heart was already crushed as it is anytime I see any dead animal, but this time we saw a slight movement. I hit the brakes and we noticed it was a gray cat, meowing and trembling. We jumped out of the car, mind you the cars were flying by us super-fast, and now that I look back, it was a bold and risky move the way I hit the brakes and where I parked, but we had to stop.

I’m an animal lover, but I’m a sucker for dogs and have never really been a cat person. But who cares, I had to save this baby from being hit by a car. Had he moved a few inches more he would have been run over. He crawled under our car and would not come out. I was afraid to get him out thinking he would claw me, so several other good Samaritans stopped their vehicles and helped me get him from under the car. I guess it was us who called dibs on this little scared furry baby, because without knowing it, my daughter and I stood there with this little gray scared cat not knowing what had just happened.

We didn’t know what to do, but after finding a nearby PetSmart, we took him in to get scanned, and thanks to all the Angels, he was chipped! The register said they would contact the owner and give them our number. We waited several hours and this poor baby was so scared and out of place. We bought him food, water, treats, all while waiting and roaming around the PetSmart plaza, mind you he was terrified, tried to run away from us, didn't eat or drink water. After a few more calls to the pet register, they told us they couldn't get in touch with the owner and we just had to wait or take him to a shelter. Every safe animal shelter was closed or at capacity and the only one open was Wake County Animal Shelter and they closed at 6PM, by now it was close to 5PM. I was getting anxious because I couldn’t take him home and my heart was crushed because I didn’t want to leave him in a shelter.

We had waited for hours although it felt like an eternity, so seeing my anxiety was hitting record high (topic for another day), my daughter suggested we should still go to the thrift shop to give it more time before we had to drop our new little buddy off at the animal shelter. I stayed in the car while my daughter went into the thrift shop, and in a silent prayer I asked my Spirit tribe and this little baby’s guardian Angel to help us. Not even 10 minutes later my phone rang and it was a local number so I picked up and all I heard was: Hi, I heard you found my cat!. I started crying and the owner thought something bad had happened and kept saying: Oh, no is he alright?, and I finally said: Yes he is, he is fine, I’m just crying because I was hoping for a miracle that you’d call so I didn’t have to drop him off to a shelter. The name the register gave us for this sweet baby was something else than what the owner called him, I honestly can’t remember, but we agreed to meet back at my house, which was 30 minutes away from where we found him. I was still skeptical and was not sure if I trusted this so called owner.

When we finally met Cecilia (name changed for privacy), she sprinted out of her car in tears and asked us where we found him. Turns out that they lived in Raleigh (complete opposite direction than where we found him and a good 45 - 50 minute drive.) Her roommate and her were not in best terms and out of plain evil doing, her roommate took her cat while she was at work, drove him and dumped him on the highway far away hoping for the worse. The thought makes me cringe. Had we not seen him, he would have been killed, he was on the median of a busy highway and was scared and trembling. To this day, I know the Angels and nudges of me listening to that thought and gut feeling is what saved this sweet baby.

Cecilia told us that the pet register had his real name which was something that started with the letter G, but she always called him Morty and so Morty it was. She had lost her parents not even a year prior, she had no family, and Morty was all she had left. He was her baby, and losing him would have been devastating. So, while many may think it’s not a big deal of a story to share, I rather think I was fortunate to have little Morty come into our lives on this random Sunday, and it was a miracle I get to share with all of you and everyone I share our Sunday with Morty story with.

Maybe it was Cecilia’s departed parents who were looking out for him, for sure some Guardian Angels were working overtime for this sweet baby, and as far as me, I can say, that looking back to this day, I now honor those random thoughts and listen to them as messages from the unseen spirit world. We see death as something scary because we don’t understand it, as humans we fear the unknown and unseen. But there are so many messages we can learn from those that are dying or even our departed loved ones and departed furry pets if we just take time to listen. Everything in life has a higher meaning and purpose whether we acknowledge it or not. Living is on one end, death is on the other, and somewhere in between we are doing life.

Some traditions believe that when a gray cat crosses your path it is a sign of good luck. In some traditions, gray cats are believed to be a reincarnation of some of the oldest souls in the universe. The gray cat embodies the spiritual realm and represents the way it guides us all through our lives.

And if you’re wondering what ever happened to our little Morty after we parted ways, well I am now Morty’s official Angel Godmother, we get pictures and updates of him several times a year, and he is part of our family in heart and soul. We spoil him at Christmas and both him and Cecilia are always in our thoughts and prayers.

Here is a picture of our little Morty the day we found him (left) and today (right)!

So, don’t dismiss those nudges that come to you out of nowhere because you never know if they are messages from the spirit realm waiting to put you on the path where you too can meet your Morty, on any random day!


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